Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black€45.00
plastic locks €15.00
Spatula paddle€39.00
Iron Whip, leather man cane€109.00
Skinned Rotan Cane€17.90
Manila Unskinned Wooden Grip Cane 6-8 mm€16.50
Leather 3D 4cm collar - Black€59.00
Leather 3D 4cm collar - Yellow€59.00
Leather 3D 4cm collar - Grey€59.00
Leather 3D 4cm collar - White€59.00
Tom of Finland Metal Lock €18.00
Padded leather positioning collar€69.00
Small wooden police truncheon - porra corta€16.50
Steel Handle - 12 tails cat whip€89.00
Bull Whip€99.00
Snake whip€49.00
Ball Whip€59.00
Panther whip€49.00
Devil whip€59.00
Cat whip - 3 x 3 strands€49.00
Fly whip (902)€49.00
Cat-o-9-tails whip€59.00
Cat-o-9-tails whip - Long€75.00
Leather Steel Handle Soft Whip€69.00
Butt whip - latigo de culo - 9 strands€49.00
40cm soft whip€49.00
Back Flogger whip €59.00
Leather Paddle - 3 strips€35.00
Raw Bee whip€59.00
WAKKA! (paddle flogger)€59.00
SMAKKA! (leaf flogger)€59.00
Loop Beater€49.00
Gruyere Paddle€39.00
Diamond beater (910)€49.00
Fusta de goma - Rubber riding crop€39.00
Rubber truncheon€19.90
Large Wooden Police Truncheon€18.90
Dog leash with chain - Correa con cadena€29.90
Mouthgag 9104€29.90
Mouthgag 9105€29.00
Mouthgag 9107 - cock€29.90
Silicone Dog Bone Gag (9106)€33.90
Inflatable Gag with Dildo 8079€74.90
Pinwheel - Rueda de clavos€19.00
Pinwheel triple€29.00
BON 4 Steel Chastity Cage 7082€149.00
CB3000 Chastity Cage - Pene de Castidad €149.00
CB6000 Chastity Cage€149.00
CB The Curve Chastity Cage€149.00
BON 4 Silicone Chastity Cage€149.00
Spider Mouthgag 8078€29.90
Leather riding crop - 67cm (8088)€39.00
Firm Riding Crop - 65cm (7726)€24.90
Leather covered Cane - 62cm (7924)€29.00
Short Crop, leather end - 45cm (7743)€24.90
Leather Padded Horse Paddle - 60cm (7746)€34.90
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Red€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/White€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Grey€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Blue€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Yellow€45.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/red€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/yellow€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/white€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/blue€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/grey€59.00