Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black€45.00
Dog bone Gag, leather strap€49.00
Vacuum Rack€399.00
Dog Leash Chord - 7556€19.90
Rubber Ankle Restraints€59.00
Padded leather positioning collar€69.00
Suspension Wrist Restraints - bar€199.00
collar cuero borde rojo 1D 7651€39.00
Collar cuero ancho 1D 7655€49.00
Dog Collar Torquator - Collar de perro Torquator€21.00
Padded Bondage Wrist Restraints€59.00
Padded Bondage Wrist Restraints - coloured€59.00
Leather ankle restraint€69.00
Padded Bondage Ankle Restraints€65.00
Padded Bondage Ankle Restraints - coloured€65.00
Manbound Bondage Starter Kit€25.00
Dog leash with short chain 7555€24.90
Leather Handcuff€49.00
Chrome metal handcuffs€15.00
Black metal handcuffs€15.00
Metal Leg Cuffs - Esposas de Acero Piernas€49.00
Thumbs cuff - Manguito de pulgares€21.00
100cm Stainless Steel Wrist spreader Bar €120.00
Piss Gag / Mordaza Pis€59.00
Ball gag / mordaza de bola€59.00
O-Ring mouth Gag - Anillo Gag Ajustable€49.00
Mouth bit - Mordaza sumiso€59.00
Horse Gag / mordaza de caballo€179.00
Black rope 15m x 9mm€12.50
Black rope/ Cuerda Para Bondage 8 mm x 5 m€16.00
Inflatable balloon with pump 9589€34.90
Mouth gag - breathable 7976€29.00
Suspension Wrist Restraints - glove€195.00
50cm Stainless Steel Ankle spreader Bar €99.00
Rubber Wrist Restraints€59.00
Rubber collar with 3 D rings€59.00
Black rope 15m x 7mm€12.50
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Red€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/White€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Grey€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Blue€45.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black/Yellow€45.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/red€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/yellow€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/white€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/blue€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black/grey€59.00