Colt Muscle Nip Pumps€42.60
Adjustable Rimming Seat€299.00
Curator - Chastity Device - 45mm€42.60
Curator - Chastity Device - 50mm€42.60
Sport Fucker Fucker ring - Black€24.90
Soft Silicone Nutt Job Set - Black€49.90
Silicone Dipstick Sound - Black€39.90
Silicone Cock Plug - Black€24.90
Stainless Steel Ergo Ring€29.00
Rimmers - Smooth Rimming Plug with Remote Control (Model R)€129.00
Silcione play handcuffs€19.90
Metal Chastity Cage - 8113€99.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 5 inch - Flesh€29.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 7 inch - Flesh€34.90
Xact-Fit - 3 Premium Silicone Rings€29.90
Nexus G-Stroker€149.00
Rimmers - Curved Rimming Plug with Remote Control (Model M)€129.00
Boy Toy • Clear€25.90
ElectraStim Flick Stimulator Pack€189.00
Chubby Rubber Cockring 3-Pack - Black€19.90
ElectraStim Metallic Adjustable Scrotal Loop€75.90
Renegade - Knock Knock Plug - Black€29.90
King Cock 15.25 cm. (6.00 inch) Vibrating Cock - Flesh€47.90
King Cock 17.80 cm. (7.00 inch) Vibrating Cock - Flesh€49.90
De luxe Steel douche - switch and hose€42.50
Stainless Steel Douche€55.00
Renegade - Sliders 3pc Trainer Kit - Black€49.95
Renegade - Diversity Rings - Black€12.95
King Cock Uncut Cock - 9 inch (22,85cm) - Black€59.90
King Cock Uncut Cock - 7 inch (17,80cm) - Black€49.90
Eros Fisting Gel Slide X- 500ml€19.90
Eros Cool Power Stimulation Gel - 30ml€14.90
Eros Aqua Power Anal -125ml€11.90
[TPR] Gauge Cockring - Black€22.90
Smack Paddle - Black€44.90
Smack Paddle - Metal€44.90
Bind & Tie Initiation Kit 5-Piece Hemp Rope Kit - Natural€99.00
Colt Torpedo Stroker€25.90
Boneyard Piss Holer - Vibrating Silicone Urethra Trainer Kit€59.90
Leten SM400Super Masturbator€149.00
Dorcel Best Vibe Plug size M€49.90
Colt Anal Trainer Kit€36.90
Renegade - Endurance Rings - Black€29.00
Buck Angel Fun Boy Soft Hollow 6.5- Strap-on | Packer - Black€62.30
The Beaded Steel Vibrating Sound 190x5-7mm€59.90
Stainless Steel Oval Spiked Ballstretcher€79.00
Stainless Steel 670g testicle shackle with spikes€49.90
Stainless Black Spiral Chastity Cage€79.00
Stainless Steel Torpedo Penis Plug With Ø 28 mm. Ring€17.50
Stainless Steel Jugs Nipple Clamps Pair With Buckets€39.90
Stainless Steel Weenie Roast€49.90
Stainless Steel Elegant G-Spot dildo€63.20
Stainless Steel Urethral Sound€24.90
Truckt Cockring - Black€14.90
Truckt Cockring - Clear€14.90
Humpballs - Black€6.50
Humpballs - Clear€6.50
Sprocket - Clear€19.90
Juicy - Silicone Cockring - Black€59.90
Tri-Squeeze Cockring Ballstretcher - Black Ice€34.95
Eros Fetish Line Latex Dressing Aid 100 ml.€15.50
Eros Fetish Line Latex Cleaner 150 ml.€10.90
Eros Fetish Line Latex Shining Spray 150 ml.€17.50
Eros Toy Bottle Classic Aqua Water Based Lubricant 175 ml.€9.90
Eros Toy Bottle Silk Silicone Based Lubricant 175 ml.€14.90
Eros Toy Bottle Classic Silicone Bodyglide 175 ml.€17.90
Swiss Navy Chocolate Bliss Lube 118 ml.€17.50
Swiss Navy MaxSize Male Enhancement Cream 150 ml.€44.90
MS Frozen Deep Throat Spray 118ml/4oz€24.90
Pjur Basic 100 ml.€11.80
Pjur Original 100 ml€19.90
Pjur Aqua 100ml€13.80
Nexus Slide 150 ml.€13.60
Can Nabis Water Based Lubricant Tube 125 ml.€22.90
Anal Bleach with aloe vera€54.90
DEEP'R - Beggar; L= 70 cm Ø 8 cm€49.90
DEEP'R | Barb | Black | 70 cm. Ø 8.80 cm.€65.00
DEEP'R | Tract PRO | Black | 70 cm. Ø 8.20 cm€79.00
DEEP'R | Pole | Black | 70 cm. Ø 13.90 cm€99.90
DEEP'R | Pulse | Black | 60 cm. Ø 5.60 cm€49.00
DEEP'R | Tract | Black | 70 cm. Ø 7.30 cm€59.90
DEEP'R | Snake | Black | 70 cm. Ø 5.50 cm€59.00
Inflatable Fist • Solid€69.00
Inflatable Butt plug €45.00
King Cock Uncut Cock - 6 inch (15.25cm) - Black€39.90
Buttballs Asslock + Cocksling - Black Ice€79.95
Alpha Dog: tail + ass plug and cockring - Black€99.00
Funzone Vulcan Shower Stroker Realistic Ass€29.90
Humpballs - Ice Blue€6.50
Eros Prolong 101 Man - 30ml€8.90
Renegade - Peek A Boo Plug - Black€25.90
ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker€144.90
ElectraStim Solid Metal Scrotal Ring Set 3 Sizes€99.90
ElectraStim Love Pads-Square (Pack Of 4)€15.90
ElectraStim ElectraClamps€99.90
ElectraStim Tadpole€179.90
Chubby Rubber Cockring 3-Pack - Clear€19.90
Chubby Rubber Cockring 3-Pack - Red€19.90
Boy Toy • Black€25.90
Metal Chastity Cage - 8112€94.90
Sport Fucker Fucker ring - Clear€24.90