Stainless Steel Urethral Sound€24.90
Stainless Steel Oval Spiked Ballstretcher€79.00
Stainless Steel 670g testicle shackle with spikes€49.90
Stainless Steel Ergo Ring€29.00
Stainless Steel Weenie Roast€49.00
Funzone Vulcan Ripe Anus & Vibrator - Mocha€24.90
Funzone Vulcan Tight Mouth€19.90
L.A. Pump Regular Cylinder Ø 64 mm. | 254 mm.€115.00
King Cock Uncut Cock - 7 inch (17,80cm) - Black€49.90
King Cock Uncut Cock - 9 inch (22,85cm) - Black€59.90
Mojis - WTF - Black€14.95
Big Ox Cockring - Cool Ice€17.99
Big Ox Cockring - Black Ice€17.99
Buttballs Asslock + Cocksling - Black Ice€79.95
Renegade - Sliders 3pc Trainer Kit - Black€49.95
Fetish Pad - The Original Black Absorber€2.80
Renegade Bondage - Wrist Cuff - Black€24.90
Fido Cock Sheath - Black (Dogboy)€89.90
Stack-It Cock Ring - Black€13.50
Padded leather positioning collar€69.00
plastic locks €15.00
DEEP'R | Barb | Black | 70 cm. Ø 8.80 cm.€65.00
Renegade - Diversity Rings - Black€12.95
Renegade Bondage - Blindfold - Black€12.90
Pussy Face Oral Sex Mouth Gag€85.00
Renegade Bondage - Ankle Cuff - Black€26.90
King Cock Two Cocks One Hole 22.85 cm. (9.00 inch) - Black€59.00
Inflatable Fist • Solid€69.00
Vac-U-Lock - CodeBlack - 7 inch Cock€29.99
Tenga Air-Tech - Reusable Vacuum Cup - Regular (Red)€34.95
Fleshlight - Ice Jack Bottom - Crystal€89.95
Juicy - Silicone Cockring - Black€59.90
L.A. Pump Silicone Cushion for Cylinders 38-70 cm€34.95
Soft Silicone Cockring 8099€12.99
Alpha Dog: tail + ass plug and cockring - Black€99.00
Tri-Squeeze Cockring Ballstretcher - Black Ice€34.95
Do-Nut 2 Cockring (Large) - Clear€7.99
Do-Nut 2 Cockring (Large) - Black€7.99
Swiss navy Premium anal lubricant 237ml€36.90
L.A. Pump Deluxe€119.00
L.A. Pump Buddy T-Hose Connector€85.00
L.A. Pump Anal - Rosebud Maker - Cylinder€225.00
L.A. Pump Regular Cylinder Ø 70 mm. | 254 mm.€115.00
L.A. Pump Portable Electric Hand Pump€129.00
Inflatable Butt plug €45.00
Stainless Steel Douche€55.00
Puppy Tail - XS€26.50
Cadence | Vibrating Silicone Sound€69.90
Stainless Steel Jugs Nipple Clamps Pair With Buckets€39.90
Stainless Steel Torpedo Penis Plug With Ø 28 mm. Ring€17.50
The Ultimate Nozzle - Intimate Shower Attachment€22.90
Big Boy cockring - transparent€14.90
Big Boy cockring - black€14.90
Rubber Baton€19.90
Pig Play Waterproof Drop Sheet (120 x 152 cm)€27.50
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 5 inch€34.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 6 inch€36.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 7 inch€39.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 8 inch€42.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 9 inch€44.90
King Cock Vibrator Stiffy - 10 inch€47.50
NUTTER Sacksling BLACK€69.90
Armour Split€29.90
Probe Pack - Silicone sounds set€44.90
Fist Shaker - J-Lube bottle (1l)€9.00
Mr Fist Stroker€25.50
Slut Condoms Pack - 18 normal condoms + 18 XL condoms€13.90
Miguel Cock Sheath Extension - Black€89.00
Hand Job Fist Cock Sheath Extension - Red€109.00
Daddy cock and ball sheath - BLACK€99.00
Bit Gag (BITG)€49.90
Piss Gag (PISG)€59.90
Muzzle (MUZZ)€79.00
Cock Gag (COCG)€69.00
Inflatable Truncheon€75.00
Inflatable Missile€99.00
Inflatable Rib Rider€79.00
Stack-It Cock Ring - Clear€13.50
Inflatable Solid Giant Dildo€79.00
Double Dildo Gag€79.00
King Cock Strap on + harness - 25cm€99.90
King Cock Strap on + harness - 30.5cm (Black)€119.00
King Cock Strap on + harness - 30.5cm (Flesh)€119.00
Alien Attack Nipple Clamps (8035)€29.90
Whisper Cock Pump€89.90
ElectroSex Neon Wand - 7849€199.90
Tit clamps with chord 7469€17.90
Colt Expander Plug - Medium€34.90
Supa-tight locking Nipple Clamps (8036)€29.90
Inflatable Gag with Dildo 8079€74.90
Double Nipple Clamps (8089)€19.90
Nipple Suckers with ring (silicone) (8098)€14.90
Double Nipple Clamps on chain (7683)€39.90
Puppy Tail - S€31.50
Puppy Tail - M€41.50
Large Rubber Baton€22.90
Puppy Tail - L€51.50
Funzone Vulcan Deep Throat - Mocha€19.90
Funzone Vulcan Tight Anus Masturbator / Vibrator€29.90
Funzone Vulcan Shower Stroker Realistic Ass€29.90
King Cock Two Cocks One Hole 27.95 cm. (11.00 inch) - Black€69.00
King Cock Two Cocks One Hole 17.80 cm. (7.00 inch) - Black€45.00
Renegade - Endurance Rings - Black€29.00
DEEP'R - Beggar; L= 70 cm Ø 8 cm€49.90
Stainless Steel Elegant G-Spot dildo€79.00
Stainless The Prison Bird Chastity Cage€89.00
Stainless Black Spiral Chastity Cage€79.00