Armour Split€29.90
Boneyard Cock Strap - Black€19.95
RINGER - 3 pack MULTI €14.50
RINGER - 3 pack BLACK €14.50
Steel, flat cockring (5mm)€19.00
Cockring - Steel flat 10mm €25.00
Ribbed Steel Cockring (10mm)€29.00
Cockring - Steel, flat, thick 15mm€39.00
Cockring Steel round 8mm Acero redondeado€25.00
Steel Cockring, round 10mm €29.00
Thick rounded steel cockring (14mm) €39.00
Cockring - Steel slim donut - mini donut acero€29.00
Steel thick Donut 15mm €39.00
Cockring teardrop€45.00
Steel Arselock€89.00
Arselock Balls€35.00
Leather Cock Strap€15.00
Leather Cock Mega Strap - black€19.00
Leather cock and balls strap€25.00
Rubber Cockring€3.00
Thick rubber donut ring€4.90
Sport Fucker TPR cockring €19.00
Nuttsling - cock and ballstretcher€39.99
Wide Silicone Donut Ring - 38 mm. (1.50 inch) - Black€15.00
Wide Silicone Donut Ring - 51 mm. (2.00 inch) - Black€17.50
Wide Silicone Donut Ring - 57 mm. (2.25 inch) - Black€18.00
ZIZI TOP Ring (ZZ01)€14.99
ZIZI COSMIC Ring (ZZ02)€17.90
ZIZI JET Ring (ZZ05)€17.90
MEGAMEN 3 ring (ZZ11)€24.90
ZiZi Torpedo cockring (ZZ15)€17.95
6-pack cockring Atomic Jock - Clear€12.90
6-pack cockring Atomic Jock - black€12.90
Stack-It Cock Ring - Black€13.50
Stack-It Cock Ring - Clear€13.50
Nexus Enduro Cockring€11.70
The Slinger Black€18.30
The Slinger Clear€18.30
Bullring red€16.90
Colt Silicone Super rings€29.90
Hog tie cockring€4.95
Silicone Stud Lasso - Black€9.00
Silicone Stud Lasso - Red€9.00
Armour Push - black€29.90
Armour Push - clear€29.90
Armour Up - Sport 34 mm. - Black€29.90
Armour Up - Large 43 mm. - Black€29.90
Armour Up - Transparent€29.90
Armour Tug €29.90
Armour Tug Lock€49.99
Fat Boy SilaSkin Cruiser Ring - Black€29.00
Fat Boy SilaSkin Cruiser Ring - Clear€29.00
Fat Boy Silicone PF Blend Cruiser Ring - Ice Clear€29.00
Fat Boy SilaSkin Cock & Ball - Clear €36.90
Fat Boy SilaSkin Cock & Ball - Black€36.90
Neoprene Cockring (thick)€29.90
Colt - Enhancer Rings€10.00
Tit Clamps & Cockring - 7679€34.99
Mr Big Cock ring and ball holder€24.90
C ringz Rock Hard Ring€15.90
The wedge cockring Clear€6.99
The wedge cockring Black€6.99
Colt 3 Ring Set€9.99
Tom of Finland Aluminium Cockring€35.00
Triple cockring 7382€29.00
Colt Silicone Super rings - Red€29.90
The wedge cockring Red€6.99
Boneyard Ball Strap - Black€22.95